Chip Maxwell will be at the helm until I return from vacation on Thursday, January 9th.  If you're celebrating this news, please don't tell me -- my ego is very fragile.  You can tell Chip, though.  I honestly don't think that man has an ego (how does he survive?!?).

As usual, my offer stands:  The first caller to get Chip Maxwell so mad he yells and hangs up on you gets a prize.  No one has been able to get to him yet.  (Careful, though:  Any nasty personal shots will not get you anything but scorned -- Chip's a good man!)

Now, if you're wondering why I'm taking vacation after getting days off around New Year's and Christmas ... uh ... I'll have to kindly ask you to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!  (I think it's obvious that I need to calm down and relieve some stress!)

If you simply can't live without listening to me yammer on and on, please hunt around the Vintage Voorhees link and find some gems you haven't heard yet.  The "Year in Review Show 2013" is an excellent place to start!

Thank you so much for listening,