Today's show took a gander at unnecessary stabbings, why people hate my satirical FB post about Shirley Temple, Bob Costas' eye, door-to-door meat salesmen, Samuel L. Jackson teeing off on a reporter, Fremont's big ill.imm. vote, the latest Obamacare changes, and more.

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Talked to you this morning about Shirley Temple and my experience meeting her etc....I did find the photo of her and my dad back in the day.
She was running for Congress in a 1967 special election and was in D.C., where my dad had recently been elected to Congress from the southwest Iowa district (Congressman Bill Scherle from Henderson). Anyway, she was in town and people got a big kick out of the fact my last name “Scherle” is pronounced “Shirley,” so they got this photo and it shows her pinning one of her campaign buttons on my dad....Shirley/Scherle..get it??? Two Shirleys in Congress...yada yada.
I got to meet her as well and kept this photo all these years and today brought back a lot of memories. As I said, she was the most gracious, kind and normal person you could ever hope to meet and those years of being in the studio and being a child star did not seem to faze her one bit. A very kind and gracious lady.
So, thanks for your interest and here’s the photo....
John Scherle
Henderson, IA