This lumpy formation of class is Madelyn, who was tossed out of a Kansas City-area water park for wearing this:

Apparently, it was the thong-like bottoms that were most objectionable, but we -- thankfully -- don't have further visual evidence of those.  Picture two hams fighting a piece of dental floss, where the dental floss is clearly losing.

She says other, younger women were wearing about the same thing, but they weren't asked to cover up.  Yeah, there's a reason for that, lady:  Call it Visual Discrimination.  You're admittedly not TERRIBLE, but it's a water park for kids!  You'd be the Queen of Sturgis in a different setting, but you have neither the law nor gravity on your side in this battle.

CLICK HERE for more of the story (including video) from KC's NBC affiliate KSHB-TV.