A fake funeral held for fictional Breaking Bad character Walter White on Saturday in Albuquerque has caused uproar among some local residents. According to KOB-TV, the event specifically offended family members of people buried at Sunset Memorial Park where the fake funeral took place.

One father told the station, "My son is buried about 15 yards from where the makeshift gravesite is. This is a place of mourning. It's not a spectacle." Officials at the cemetery have agreed to remove the fake gravesite if it becomes too much of a tourist attracted and added, "We are a cemetery first and foremost. Our allegiance lies with our families that have allowed us to bury their loved ones here."

  • Around 200 fans were invited to the ceremony for the chance to pay their last respects to the show and contribute money to shovel dirt onto an empty coffin. Over $17,000 was raised for a local charity.
  • Bryan Cranston won three Emmy awards for playing school teacher turned drug dealer, Walter White.