An ad designed for the Super Bowl by high-end gunmaker Daniel Defense won't be running during football's championship game in February, after being rejected by the NFL for violating its advertising guidelines, according to Yahoo! Sports' Shutdown Corner. In the ad, a former soldier checks around his home and looks in on his wife and baby, while a voiceover says, "No one has the right to tell me how to defend them." Under the NFL's ad rules, spots can't run for weapons or ammunition, but stores that sell firearms, such as outdoor stores, can run ads, as long as they sell  other products and the ads don't mention weapons. Daniel Defense is trying to get an exemption, because no guns are visible in  the ad, and because the company's stores do sell other products, but the NFL isn't budging. The ad also obviously has some political advocacy going on as well, and the NFL has traditionally rejected issue-oriented national ads during the Super Bowl.