On Monday’s Show-


Sunday’s World Herald reported on records that show the number of times and how many tickets were used at the Century Link Center and TD Ameritrade Park by members of the MECA Board that oversees the facilities.   MECA board chairman John Lund says that using some tickets in the MECA suite is part of the job, even sometimes allowing family and friends to attend with them.  Mayor Jean Stothert says that more than two lower bowl tickets for board members is a violation of the board’s own policies.  Much more was said and you can hear board chairman John Lund as well as Mayor Stothert below.


The MECA board tickets topic was also discussed by Joe Jordan of Nebraska Watchdog.org.  He also discussed the ongoing battle specifically between Shane Osborn and Ben Sasse in the US Senate race and which groups are endorsing the candidates and just as importantly, which ones are not.