Moon bats discussing their religion known as global warming/climate change always like to say that "100% of scientist agree" or "the debate is over." First of all, this mindless talking point comes from Al Gore who has about as much credibility regarding climate science as Bill Clinton has on fidelity. None of his dire predictions have come true.

I look at this from a motivation perspective. Government, the UN and third world tyrants have a motivation to support this fraud because it gives them the power to loot rich countries and control people. It gives them power to dictate the behavior of millions of people and accrss to trillions of dollars. These guys are thugs and thugs can't be trusted.

Here is a report from a "NON GOVERNMENTAL" group of scientist. They gain no power, no control, no ability to loot the American people. They are not using "models" to arrive at their conclusion they use documented historical temps and trends.

Read it for yourself