Just what America needs, another elite snob in a position of power. Really? Chelsea Clinton might run for congress? Let's look at her resume;

Daughter of Horny Governor of Arkansas where she grew up going to private school and protected by Arkansas State Troopers.

Horny Gov. Daddy Elected President of the United States and she attended private school, flew around the world at US taxpayer expense protected by the US Secret Service.

Insulated throughout her Ivy League College career and given access to other world elite parties, meetings and functions.

Traveled around the world at taxpayer expense, protected by US Diplomatic Service while she mixed with the poor, afterwards returning to a posh hotel or back on the SOS jet.

Married another rich elite, serves on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative which is financed by snobby elites who want things in return.

Learned at the feet of two of the greatest liars in American political history.

Looks like she's perfect for the job!