I was at the Gene Leahy Mall over the weekend and I guess I saw what $1.9 million dollars gets you; trash and poop. The pond was full of paper, cans, cups, and a variety of every day garbage were everywhere. I get it that we have had some strong winds but; did the city think about keeping their newly refurbished $1.9 million dollar "downtown showpiece clean?" These "brilliant thinkers" didn't consider maybe...more trash cans?
The piles of poop were also a great addition to the trash. I'm going to call it dog poop since I saw other people with their squatting dogs leaving heaping, steaming piles but I will also say that there were some piles that were big enough to base jump from. 
$1.9 million dollars trashed in a few months. I will have some suggestions to alleviate this bio-hazard on the Big Show.