The woman injured in Thursday's RV fire is identified as 48 year old Theresa Harrzin of Papillion.  She remains hospitalized with 2nd and 3rd degree burns over her entire body.   

A male passenger escaped the fire and refused treatment.  He did suffer minor injuries and was treated at the scene by Papillion paramedics.  The couple's dog also escaped the fire. 

Harrzin was airlifted to UNMC with burns over her entire body.  Witnesses say Harrzin pulled over on Highway 370 in Papillion and the next minute the entire camper was engulfed in flames.    Those passing by stopped to help get Harrzin out and were trying to break the windows and get in the door. 

The Papillion Fire Department say the passenger and those who stopped to help "did an excellent job in pulling her to safety, braving flames and heavy smoke to get her out". 

The couple was transporting the camper to a storage area.