The Omaha Police Department reports that the Omaha Bomb Squad took an x-ray of the suspicious container and determined it contained chemicals.  The contents were gathered by the team for possible evidence and testing.  The chemicals will be tested to determine if they would have been combustible if mixed.

Police say two unknown persons had left the box in the area near 14th and Capitol and left in an unknown vehicle.


Omaha police began investigating a suspicious device that was located outside of a building near 14th and Capitol around 3:30 Friday afternoon.

The bomb squad was called in to check out the device.  Just before 5:00 a member of the bomb squad yelled "fire in the hole" and the device was detonated.

At this point it's not clear what the device was.  Officers blocked off Capitol Street between 13th and 15th streets and the 14th Street Exit off Interstate 680.