Update:  The Nebraska Department of Revenue has corrected the issue and the e-pay portion of their website and it has been operating correctly since 6:30 pm Friday.  


The tax deadline is Tuesday, April 15th and those paying their Nebraska income taxes on-line may have found something unusual on the Nebraska Department of Revenue's website.  A NewsRadio 1110 KFAB listener email stated under the "Make a Payment" selection the website address read Department of Health Services in Wisconsin

The Nebraska Department of Revenue is aware of the issue.  They have made the information available on their website under both the "Current Featured" and "Make a Payment" buttons.   That message states:

Due to a problem with our provider's database, some information shown on the Nebraska Department of Revenue's (Department) e-pay system was not displaying accurately.  Also, some payment confirmation emails show a link to a website other than the Department's website.  Payments made to the Department will be credited correctly. 

Service may be intermittent while our provider corrects the problem. 

The Department of Revenue wants to reassure Nebraskans the website was not hacked and payments made were correctly credited to the taxpayer's account.