A motorcycle crash in north Omaha leads to an all-out brawl.  

Police say a car clipped a motorcycle near 42nd and Miami Sunday night.  The driver, Eric Sandoval, had stopped at a stop sign and turned onto 42nd. Investigators say the motorcyclist, Daryll Woods, was speeding, locked up his brakes and fell from the bike, which slid into the car's rear passenger tire.  Woods suffered a broken leg and arm.

Sandoval originally stopped to help when he was approached by a large crowd, which began threatening him.   Fearing for his safety Sandoval left the scene and went home... but was followed by the crowd who continued threatening him.  Sandoval returned to the scene and was assaulted by the crowd shortly before police arrived.  

Police arrested Daniel Randle and Alonzo Williams for misdemeanor assault and disturbing the peace. 

The investigation continues.