58 year old Anita Campos-Ramirez pulled into the parking lot of the Wal-Mart near 128th and L Streets around 6:00 Monday morning. 

She works at the store and was sitting in her SUV when she says a man forced her out of the vehicle and threw her to the ground.  "He grabbed my arm and threw me to the ground and took off in my car," Campos-Ramirez told Newsradio 1110 KFAB.

She says she was laying on the ground "wondering what just happened."

The carjacker got away in the red 1998 Chevy Blazer.  Police spotted it three hours later near 60th and L.  After a brief pursuit, the driver lost control and the vehicle went down a grassy embankment and into a parking lot near 50th and L.

The driver was taken to the hospital and then arrested. Campos-Ramirez was badly shaken by the incident but is grateful she wasn't hurt. Her Blazer was totaled.

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