Documents show a doctor fired from his medical residency at CreightonUniversity in 2001 is suspected of carrying out two attacks that left four people dead after being denied medical licenses in other states.

Illinois State Police arrested Anthony Garcia of Terre Haute, Ind. during traffic stop Monday and he remains jailed without bond.  

Garcia is suspected in the 2008 stabbing deaths of Creighton Pathology Professor Dr. William Hunter's 11 year old son and housekeeper.  Garcia is also suspected in the May deaths of Creighton Pathology Professor Roger Brumback and his wife, Mary.

Documents provided Tuesday by Indiana officials show the 2008 killings occurred a month after Garcia was denied a Louisiana medical license.  The May killings occurred within months of Garcia being denied an Indiana license.  

Indiananeighbors of Garcia say he appeared friendly.   

Carolyn Hanley, a neighbor of Garcia's in Terre Haute said Tuesday that he "was a very quiet man."   

Neighbor Benjamin Fairhurst said Garcia waved and wished neighbors happy holidays but came and left his home at strange hours and never had visitors.

Fairhurst also said police were once called when Garcia twice brought flowers to two college-aged women in the neighborhood.