A man removed from a California-bound Southwest Airlines flight is facing federal charges because he tried to open a door.

Prosecutors charged 23-year-old Joshua Carl Lee Suggs on Monday with interfering with the crew of Sunday's Chicago-to-Sacramento flight. Suggs is expected to appear in court Wednesday.

The flight was diverted to Omaha Sunday night after witnesses said the passenger tried to open a door midflight.

The complaint against Suggs says he refused to return to his seat, as instructed, before trying to open a door.  The incident happened about an hour into the flight.
The passengers who helped subdue Suggs told officers his pupils were dilated and his speech was incoherent.

Suggs is expected to appear in court Wednesday.  On the ground in California, Dr. Scott Porter told KCRA-TV he and two other passengers tackled Suggs in the back of the cabin and restrained him until air marshals escorted him off the plane.

Porter said the man "was going to do bad things to the plane.''