Stanton County authorities have named the 5-year-old girl who was killed in the tornado that destroyed more than half the town of Pilger on Monday

Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger identified her as Calista Dixon.  Unger says the girl died after suffering injuries inside of a mobile home on Main Street in Pilger. Her death was one of two confirmed in the storm.

The other person killed was 74-year-old David A. Herout, of Clarkson. Authorities say Herout died after his vehicle left a county road east of Pilger, and he was ejected.

The National Weather Service says four tornadoes appear to have hit the region on Monday night.  The National Weather Service says the one that hit Pilger was EF 4 in strenghth, which had wind speeds of 166-200 miles per hour.

A spokeswoman for Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk says the hospital is still treating three people who were hurt in Monday's tornado, but their injuries aren't life-threatening. 

Hospital marketing director Jacque Genovese said Tuesday that the hospital received 17 patients.  One patient died, and one was transferred to an Omaha hospital. 

Genovese says three patients were still in the hospital's care for unspecified injuries. The rest have been discharged.