More than 500 experts in industry, military, government, academic and international affairs from around the globe attended Wednesday's 2014 Deterrence Symposium, "Exploring Deterrence Foundations" at the La Vista Conference Center.  STRATCOM is hosting the event to enable discussion and promote increased collaboration of global deterrence issues. 


U-S Strategic Command Commander, Adm. Cecil D. Haney says,” We as a country must be able to deal with the broad spectrum of problems from a variety of different nation-states and actors," Haney said. "It is my job to make sure we have a safe, secure and effective strategic deterrent and I will continue, as well as the members of my command, to work toward that - both from the strategic nuclear capability as well as from a global strike perspective and conventional capability."


The two day event features seven panels of experts who will answer questions and discuss evolving strategic deterrence concepts.