A line of strong thunderstorms tore thru the Omaha area Sunday, knocking out power to thousands.  Strong winds knocked down trees and tipped over a ride at The Taste Of Omaha.  At least two children had minor injuries.  They were treated at the scene.  

Folks were also gathered at Creighton Prep for the state lacrosse championship, but ten minutes in, the rain and winds forced a run for cover,  The teams were hoping to wait out the storms, but in the end, decided to play the match tonight at 6:30.

Out at the Elkhorn River, dozens of tubers were out enjoying the water, but then, had to head for land quickly.  Fire and rescue crews helped to pluck them from the river, then folks who live near the river invited them in to wait out the storm.

At one point, OPPD reported more than 7600 customers were lights-off, but by 7am, that number had shrunk to 429.