The Nebraska Broadcasters Association made a $5,000 donation to the local chapter of the American Red Cross to aid the victims of the recent storms that hit northeast Nebraska.  

“This natural disaster has forever changed countless lives in several Nebraska communities” said James Timm, NBA President/Executive Director.  “The immediate response of people from near and far to assist in recovery and rebuilding is heartwarming.  The NBA has made this donation to support the people affected.”

Timm also notes the efforts of several TV and Radio stations in serving the impacted areas.  “From broadcasting the initial weather forecasts, through the tornado warnings and ensuing updates for those impacted, local broadcasters are working around the clock to provide constant information to help the people of these communities start to rebuild.

“Beyond the broadcasters in the northeast part of the state, dozens of TV and Radio stations throughout Nebraska are working overtime to collect donations of food, water, supplies, money and to direct volunteers” Tim said.  “This is what broadcasters do.  It is our natural reaction in times like these and the people of Nebraska always respond when asked to help.”