Administrators at the Lincoln Regional Center have refused to treat Nikko Jenkins, as ordered by a Douglas County Judge.

Judge Peter Bataillon ordered Nikko Jenkins to the Lincoln Regional Center in July for treatment after he was found incompetent to be sentenced for the four murders he was convicted of.

In a written statement, Judge Bataillion said "it would have been appreciated by this Court that someone from the Lincoln Regional Center would have been present at this hearing to advise this Court of its intended refusal to accept the Defendant and to give input as to other options to restore the Defendant to competency."

The Lincoln Regional Center staff have said in the past that Jenkins is too dangerous for the facility.

A hearing will be held on Thursday to determine what to do next.  Jenkins was convicted of killing Juan Uribe-Pena, Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz, Curtis Bradford, and Andrea Kruger. They were all murdered in a 10-day killing spree shortly after Jenkins had been released from prison.