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The National Weather Service is predicting flooding could begin Wednesday along the South Platte River and continue for several days.

The flooding is expected when water from Colorado's torrential rains flows into western Nebraska. Most of the land likely to be affected is used for agriculture and contains few homes.

Weather service meteorologist Bill Taylor says it's not entirely clear though how bad the flooding will be because a number of gauges on the South Platte upstream of Nebraska were damaged by the debris in the water. Forecasters will get a better idea once the high water reaches Julesburg, Colo., and Roscoe, Neb.

Water levels could reach record heights in rural areas along the South Platte as it runs along Interstate 76 and near Interstate 80 at Roscoe, and some flooding is expected in the city of North Platte. The weather service hasn't yet issued a forecast for the river downstream of Brady.