Council Bluffs Police make two arrests after an overnight pursuit.  Just before 1:00 am two men in one vehicle were in the drive-thru lane at Walgreens at 535 E. Broadway.  Two men inside a red truck pulled up next to them and started an argument.  Police say when the victims left the area the truck followed them and near Harmony and Benton Street the victims heard a bang and one of them felt something strike his leg.  Those men checked their car and saw what appeared to be a bullet hole in the trunk.  That is when they called 911.

Police officers located the truck but the driver took off.  The pursuit ended at 25th Street and West Broadway when the driver lost control.  The suspects are identified as 33 year old Dustin Boetel and 26 year old Luke Bird, both of Council Bluffs.  Police say they found two 22 caliber rifles in the vehicle. One had been altered and the serial number had been ground off.  Officers also located a shotgun on the Broadway Viaduct that was apparently tossed from the truck during the pursuit.  The shotgun is the weapon that is believed to have been used in the shooting.

Botel was arrested for attempted murder, felon in possession of a firearm, going armed with intent, assault while participating in a felony, possession of an offensive weapon, intimidation with a weapon and for possession of methamphetamine. 

Bird was arrested for attempted murder, going armed with intent, assault while participating in a felony, possession of offensive weapons, intimidation with a weapon, tampering with evidence, driving while barred, possession of a controlled substance - marijuana-, felony eluding and two outstanding misdemeanor arrest warrants. 


The victim's injuries did not require medical attention.