Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer has identified the armed robbery suspect and the crew member of the COPS TV show who were killed in an officer involved shooting Tuesday night at the Wendy's near 43rd and Dodge.

Schmaderer says three witnesses and the three officers who entered the restaurant thought Cortez Washington's Airsoft handgun was a real gun. Schmaderer believes the three officers involved acted properly and had no choice but to take the action that they did.

He says when the officers entered the Wendy's, Washington pointed the gun at two of the officers and fired it twice.  Schmaderer says Detective Darren Cunningham and officers Brooks Riley and Jason Wilhelm returned fire and struck Washington several times. 

He was able to flee the restaurant and collapsed outside.  One of the rounds also struck 38 year old Brice Dion, a sound technician for "COPS." He collapsed just inside the doorway. 

Schmaderer says video captured by the cameraman of "COPS" shows the chaotic situation in the restaurant.  That video will be presented as evidence to a grand jury.  All three officers are on paid administrative leave.