It all began when police began investigating a stolen vehicle report at 48th and L Street around 2:30 Monday afternoon.   The victim of the stolen vehicle told officers that the suspect was inside the Dollar General Store. 

Officers found a woman matching the description inside the store and arrested her.  The woman, identified as 24 year old Justine Dubois, was placed in handcuffs, searched by an officer and was placed in the backseat of a police cruiser.

Police say while in back of the cruiser, the woman started convulsing and appeared to be non-responsive.  A rescue Squad was called and the woman was uncuffed due to her apparent medical situation

Paramedics say her vital signs were normal and the woman said she wanted to be taken to the hospital when paramedics asked her.

Omaha Police say she was placed in the rescue squad without handcuffs because paramedics didn’t think she was a threat and she was being cooperative.

While en-route to the hospital police say the woman unbuckled herself from the gurney, stood up and pointed a gun at the paramedic.   He yelled "gun" to get the attention of the driver. The squad pulled over near 42nd and Center and a "help a firefighter" call went out.  

Police say there was a struggle over the gun and two shots were fired as the driver was in the process of parking and trying to get to the back of the squad to help.  

The paramedic suffered a superficial wound to his abdomen and the female suspect was struck in the leg.