Brock Borhart told reporters on Wednesday that he has some bruising to his abdomen and a hand laceration.  He says he is "happy to be here," and glad that things didn't turn out worse.

Omaha Police say Borhart grabbed a gun that a female patient pointed at him while enroute to the hospital Monday afternoon. Two shots were fired and both were wounded.

Because the shooting is an ongoing investigation, Borhart and the the rescue squad driver, Paramedic Julianne Moran, were not allowed to talk about the specifics of the incident.

Borhart credited Moran for her actions after hearing the gunshots. "My respect for Julianne has gone through the roof," Borhart says. "She didn't hesitate to to help me.  She put herself in harm's way and I'm thankful for that."

But Moran says it is Borhart who was the hero that day. "We are only here because of him," Moran says.  "He really did save both of our lives and probably others.  I'll forever be grateful to Brock and his actions."  

Moran says she was assuming the worst when she heard the gunshots and stopped the rescue squad near 42nd and Center. "I thought for sure he had been shot and I thought I probably would be too," Moran says.

Borhart says after being released from the hospital he was relieved and happy to arrive home and see his three young children playing. 

Omaha Police are still trying to determine how the suspect became in possession of the gun.  She is identified as 24 year old Justine Dubois.

Police say she had been searched and handcuffed in connection with a stolen vehicle investigation.  She then appeared to have a seizure and officers took off the cuffs off before she was placed in the ambulance.