People walking or driving on Douglas Street between 15th and 16th Streets can now see Downtown Omaha’s new brand,  DO! Downtown Omaha.  It is prominently displayed on the skywalk over Douglas Street to welcome people to Downtown Omaha.

The new brand was developed by the Omaha Downtown Improvement District.  Executive Director Joe Gudenrath says they came up with the idea following a series of interviews, focus groups and a lot of input from businesses.  Gudenrath says it celebrates everything there is to do in Downtown Omaha, including dining, shopping, playing, working and living. 

“With a new brand and a great product in Downtown Omaha, the Downtown Improvement District will work to ignite the brand, invite the community to embrace it, and put ‘DO! Downtown Omaha’ in the public domain for people to recognize when they visit Downtown Omaha,” Gudenrath says