The Ebola virus outbreak in Africa has affected several Americans working in that region.  Infectious disease experts at the Nebraska Medical Center were contacted by members of the U-S State Department to inquire about the capabilities of their biocontainment facility. 

Dr. Angela Hewlett is an infectious disease expert at the Nebraska Medical Center and tells NewsRadio 1110 KFAB there are no immediate plans to transfer patients with Ebola to the unit in Omaha.  She says they were accessing their capabilities to be sure they would be able to handle such patients. 

Dr. Hewlett says, "We're ready if they need us.  We have been preparing for this for a long time.  Our unit has been open since 2005 so this is exactly what we are prepared to do."


The Nebraska Medical Center's biocontainment unit is one of four and the largest facility of its kind in the U-S.  The 10 bed unit is set up to handle highly contagious and deadly infectious conditions from around the world.  If needed the unit can be up and running in less than four hours.