Tuesday's MECA board meeting became heated when board member Dana Bradford proposed extending the terms of current and future members from 5 to 7 years. 

Bradford said "tenured talent" would help the board grow in the future and expressed concern about the loss of experienced board members to handle complex issues. "It takes a year or two to even find your way as a board member," Bradford said.

Board members Willy Thiesen and chairman John Lund strongly opposed the proposal, saying it was "self serving" to increase their own terms.  MECA's attorney said the board did not need City approval before the 3-2 vote was taken.

But Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert says MECA violated the contract with the vote and that she was blindsided by it.  She says there was no indication before the meeting that this issue would be voted on.

Stothert says City Attorney Paul Kratz will explore legal options. MECA operates the CenturyLink Center, Civic Auditorium and TD Ameritrade Park.