19 year old Sergio Perez was ordered held without bond during his first court appearance on Wednesday.  KFAB News spoke with veteran Douglas County Prosecutor Brenda Beadle. 

She says Perez broke into the woman's home Sunday morning after a night of drinking.  Beadle says the woman was asleep in her bed when Perez beat and raped her.   She says Perez was apparently angry at something that happened at the party and took it out on the victim.

Around 9:00 a.m. Sunday the woman's daughter called 911.  When officers arrived they found her covered in blood and suffering from serious injuries she received in the beating.

Perez was found naked and passed out on top of the woman.  Beadle calls it one of the most disturbing cases she has ever seen.  She says the 93 year old woman was a random target.

Perez is charged with felony assault, sexual assault and burglary.