Omaha police say two restaurant robberies committed within a few blocks of each other Tuesday night were related.  24 year old Jeneva Arias has been arrested for robbing the Little Ceasars at Saddle Creek and California around 9:00 Tuesday night.

Police say Arias was associated with Cortez Washington, who was shot and killed by police during a holdup at the Wendy's near 43rd and Dodge about 15 minutes later.

Police say evidence from the Little Caesars robbery was found inside a black 2000 Monte Carlo parked on 43rd Street just north of the Wendy's restaurant. The car was registered to Washington.

He was shot by officers when he fired at them with an Airsoft pistol that shoots plastic pellet bullets.

A bullet fired by an officer inside the Wendy's struck and killed Bryce Dion, an audio supervisor for the TV show COPS.