Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine says the toxicologist doing the tests on 25-year-old Jorge Abraham Zarazua-Rubio told him he'd never seen meth levels that high.

The amount of meth in Zarazua-Rubio's blood was about 14 times what users would typically inject in their veins. The tests showed that Zarazua-Rubio had 2,765 nanograms of meth per milliliter of his blood.

Police say Zarazua-Rubio killed 25-year-old Anthony Vazzano and 25-year-old Pascual Bautista-Raymundo and wounded 31-year-old Aaron Anderson and 46-year-old Angel Cabrera in the June 15 shooting.

An Omaha police officer exchanged gunfire with Zarazua-Rubio and killed him.