It is incredible that the federal government is transporting illegal immigrants into the state of Nebraska but refuse to tell local and state officials who they are, where they are staying and who with.  That from Governor Dave Heineman who tells NewsRadio 1110 KFAB's Chris Baker 200 illegal young individuals from Central America are in Nebraska

Governor Heineman is at the National Governor's Association meeting in Nashville, Tennessee and started making calls and talking to federal government officials about this issue.  He asked the Department of Health and Human Services directly who they transported and their sponsor so they can keep track of them.  He says they are not willing to tell the governor of Nebraska or any mayor in the state where they transported these individuals.  Governor Heineman says he will demand the release of that information.

Governor Heineman was told by the Department of Homeland Security that the children are given health screenings and vaccinations before they are released to Health and Human Services.  He says there is no way to confirm that because we don't know who they are.  Officials also refused to tell him how they were being transported to Nebraska

Governor Heineman says, "I can't believe in America that we have a federal government who is essentially secretly transporting them to Nebraska.  They are illegal immigrants and they won't tell us who they are."  He has every reason to believe that more will be coming to Nebraska and other states all across American.


Those here illegally will eventually have a hearing and will be deported to their home country.  However, Governor Heineman says there is no way the state can check to see if this is being done because we can't find out who they are.  He says the federal government knows all of those answers and promises to work with our federal delegation to get this sorted out.