Former Omaha police officer James Kinsella was sentenced Thursday to 12 months probation for removing and destroying a memory card from a cell phone camera used to record a 2013 arrest in which officers were accused of using excessive force. 

Kinsella had pleaded no contest to two counts of obstructing government operations. Judge Peter Bataillon found Kinsella guilty of the misdemeanor charges. Kinsella agreed not to contest to the revocation of his law enforcement certification. Without the certification, Kinsella can no longer serve as a police officer in Nebraska.

Kinsella's attorney told the judge that loss of his career and pension was punishment enough in asking for probation.  Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine says he was disappointed, saying Kinsella should have gotten a jail sentence.

The incident involved the arrest of three brothers at 33rd and Seward.  Tensions rose and a rough arrest was caught on camera by a neighbor.

Charges were dismissed Monday against former OPD officer Aaron Von Behren. He was facing one charge of accessory and one count of obstructing government operations.