The open sign will soon be welcoming campers and outdoor enthusiasts back to Wilson Island State Recreation Area near Missouri Valley.  It closed in 2011 due to the Missouri River flood and was scheduled to reopen earlier this summer.  The reopening was delayed when a severe thunderstorm hit the area on June 3rd that caused further damage.

Park Ranger Chris Anunson says due to the possibility of future floods they moved all the buildings, playground and electrical boxes to higher ground. The new park office was ready to open when the June 3rd storm hit.  Heavy rain, 90 mile and hour wind and baseball sized hail damaged the new roof and siding and broke several windows.  Those repairs had to be made before the park could open.

Wilson Island State Recreation Area will reopen on Monday, August 4th at 8 am.  All campsites will be on a first come - first served basis.