City of Omaha officials say the extreme heat is taking a toll on Deffenbaugh employees picking up trash and recyclables.   Workers have been educated on the signs of heat related illnesses, instructed to slow their pace, mandated to drink extra fluids and to seek shaded areas for rest often.

These precautions, coupled with the training needs of additional workers hired for the purpose of relieving heat stressed employees throughout the day, will result in longer hours and a potential for delayed collections

Some residences in the Monday service area may remain uncollected this evening, but Deffenbaugh employees will work early Tuesday to finish in these areas and then continue into the Tuesday service area.  City officials are asking residents to allow materials to remain outside until collected.

It is anticipated that because the extreme heat conditions are expected to continue at least through the week, additional delays may occur as the heat conditions persist.   Residents can report any missed collections to the City’s Solid Waste Hotline, (402) 444-5238, after 7:00 PM on their normal collection day.