In a statement released today, Creighton University President Father Timothy Lannon he will step down in 2015.  He became president on July 1, 2011, after having served eight years as the 26th president of Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.

“When I came to Creighton in 2011 as president, I was coming home.  This is the University that I graduated from in 1973 and an institution that I wanted to give back to what the institution gave to me," Lannon said in the statement.

Father Lannon says the past three months has allowed him to reflect on his health and what is best for the University.  "There is never a perfect time for leadership transition, but I feel the time is right for me and provides our Creighton Board of Trustees more than a year to elect my successor,” Lannon says.

Lannon says there's another role ahead for him, one "that will be even more pastoral and less administrative."  He says his announcement gives the Creighton University board of trustees more than a year to find and confirm his successor.