Update:  Two additional men are in custody as the investigation into Wednesday's shooting death of Payton Benson continues.  Police arrested Shaun Murph Jr., charging him with possessing a gun by a prohibited person.  Kevin Peak is charged with possessing a stolen firearm.   Both had bond set at $1-million.


Omaha Police arrested 22 year old Adonus Moses, 20-year-old Vincent Hicks and 18-year-old Jaylen Montgomery for allegedly receiving stolen property, an SUV that police believe was used in the shooting death of Payton Benson on Wednesday.

All three men had their bail set at $1 million on Friday.  The owner of the SUV told WOWT 6 News that it was stolen in December. She said she came home to find her house ransacked and the vehicle gone.

The three suspects are being held only for their connection to the vehicle and not for the shooting of the girl.  Benson was killed when a stray bullet from the shooting traveled about a block and into the house near 45th and Bedford. 

Omaha Police have also arrested two other men in connection with the case, Shaun Murph and Kevin Peak.  Both are charged with being a prohibited person in possesion of a firearm.