Omaha Police say 27 year old Andrew Stock is charged with Trespassing and a firearms violation after climbing up a billboard with two AR-15 style pellet guns around 7:30 Thursday evening

Police say they got a call from a security guard working in the area saying he saw a man carrying a backpack that had a rifle barrel sticking out of it. The guard said the man ran across L Street from the south and jumped a barbed wire fence into the Westside Community Schools Service Center at 94th and J Street.

From there, he climbed an 80 to 100’ tall, double-sided billboard and concealed himself. The billboard looks directly over L Street.

Officers saw him from a distance between the billboard signs but they say he would not come down.  Police then completely shut down L Street from 90th to 102nd in case he began shooting.

Stock eventually responded to verbal commands from police. He came down from the billboard and was arrested.

Police retrieved the pellet guns from the scaffolding Stock had been on.