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A Sioux City woman has given birth to quintuplets at an Omaha hospital.

Bianca Garcia had a Caesarean section Thursday, and on Monday the four girls and one boy were under close watch in the neonatal intensive care unit at Methodist Women's Hospital.

Jose Garcia says he feels good but his wife is tired.

She was on bed rest for more than 10 weeks before the babies were born at 28 weeks, or about three months premature. A team of 35 doctors and nurses delivered the babies.

The babies were about 2 pounds each. They're named Marah, Christobal, Arleth, Jimena and Rosalyn.

The couple has two sons, ages 9 and 7.

Doctor Brady Kerr says the babies ``primarily need to grow.''

The last quintuplet birth in Nebraska was in 2009.