(Yahoo!) - The cast of "Duck Dynasty" is doing much more than duck calling these days. They're singing!

Believe it or not, the Robertsons just released their debut Christmas album, appropriately titled Duck the Halls, busting out some tunes with some country music superstars including Luke Bryan and George Strait.

"omg! Insider" correspondent Keltie Knight went to the home of Jade Robertson in West Monroe, Louisiana, to hang out with the hysterical reality TV family for the album release party, and they spilled the deets on who were the best — and worst — singers of the bunch.

Phil, the patriarch of the family, quickly threw himself under the bus as the worst of the bunch. "I would say me. Hands down," he said. "Look, it's so hard and so difficult to be a country western singer now and the temptations with the stress of the music industry, but we're wading through it and trying to make the best of it."

So, who is the best? CEO of the Duck Commander business, Willie Robertson, suggested his Jase’s wife is the best crooner of them all. "Missy is the best," he said. "She's professionally trained and her mom was a music teacher. So, yeah, she's a natural and the rest, I don't know..."

But just how did they all learn to sing in the first place? "I took lessons in the shower, which is weird," joked Willie. "Nah, I think we just liked to sing and though we'd give it a whirl. Somebody thought we could sing, they asked us to do it... I'm good at karaoke."

Check out this vid to hear what they had to say about Uncle Si's singing skills, and be sure to check out Duck the Halls, which is out now!

To see more from the "Duck the Halls" album release party, including the scoop on how Luke Bryan agreed to do a duet with Willie on the album, be sure to tune in to "omg! Insider" on television tonight!