Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale says his current term will be his last.  Gale has served as the state's chief election officer for 16 years.  

He announced Monday he will not seek re-election as a Republican Party candidate nominee in 2018. Gale said, “Being Secretary of State has been one of the most fulfilling, exciting and memorable experiences of my career. I feel very lucky to have been able to offer my public service as a constitutional officer to Nebraska and its citizens.”  

Gale was appointed in December 2000, by then Governor Mike Johanns. He completed the term vacated by Secretary Scott Moore and was elected to four-year terms in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. When Gale completes his current term, he will have served 18 years in office. 

He is the 26th Secretary of State for Nebraska. Gale said he has a bucket list of important projects that are underway or will be initiated while he remains in office. “My motto has always been ‘prompt, personal and professional service.’ Those characteristics will continue to guide us going forward. I have been fortunate to have strong and supportive staff members to carry out the projects we have undertaken in the past, and help create a vision for the office going forward.”

As Nebraska’s chief elections officer, Gale says he is most proud of the conduct of statewide elections being smooth, reliable, fair, accessible, accountable, transparent, and secure over the past 16 years. Gale added, “That will continue to be a primary focus heading into the 2018 elections.